About Us

"I heard a group of men talking about how to store small engines and none of them had the same process. That's when I knew why my leaf blower didn't work. I did not store it properly! That's when I started my research to develop a small engine storage solution."

- KM

Most People have had a small engine fail on them and have no idea why. When an engine is running it is lubricating itself. When an engine is not running NOTHING is lubricating it.

**** Moisture and corrosion can also build up during storage without lubrication. 

What Inspired Us

Born at 1 pound 11 ounces

We learned what it means to, "Fight Like A Preemie".



Micro Preemie

April 2017


Our Mascot

Our mascot named, "LUBE", is a belgian malinois puppy that likes to get into all kinds of things including oil, hence the oil on his face.


We have a very exciting fundraiser that will take place after all 2000 tickets are sold. You can win $10,000. There will also be amazing silent auction items that include signatures from incredible athletes.

We are in last stages of product development

Currently we are making a few changes to our design to better the end users experience.

Patent Pending

As entrepreneurs we can say that this is a wonderful piece of the puzzle that helps us continue to make forward progress.

Share the big news

Please let us know if you would like to be invited to our fundraiser event on Facebook. (We ONLY have 2000 tickets). Once invited you can view sneak peek silent auction items.


Q: When will your product be in the market?

A: We have made some changes to our design that will benefit the user of our product. Therefore we do not have a launch date set. Keep checking back on our web site or contact us at anytime for more information.